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At Brisbane River Gutter Clean, we know how important it is to keep your property clean, including your solar panels! One of the most effective yet straightforward ways to keep your solar panel system running efficiently is by having it cleaned regularly. 

Here at Brisbane River Gutter Clean, we can help you keep your solar panels sparkling clean so that they maintain their efficiency and look their best! Contact us today via our contact form or by calling for a FREE quote!

Is it worth getting solar panels cleaned?

Solar panels are an investment, and if they are not adequately cared for, you could risk letting your money go to waste! The efficiency of solar panels naturally decreases over time, but if they are not well maintained, the efficiency loss can be significantly larger. 

In order for your solar panel system to function at its best, it requires consistent maintenance, which includes regular cleaning! 

Solar panels are exposed to a multitude of natural elements, such as dust, dirt, bird droppings, and other debris. These substances will not be thoroughly washed away by rainwater, as many might assume and need to be addressed by proper cleaning methods.

When a solar panel is dirty, it can produce up to 10% less energy than a clean panel! Therefore it is vital that solar panels are cleaned regularly to achieve maximum efficiency.

What are the benefits of solar panel cleaning?

Regular, professional solar panel cleaning helps prevent invasive elements such as dirt and dust from building up on your panels. In addition, this service results in optimum performance from your solar power system! 

A considerable benefit to solar panel cleaning is that it helps to boost overall energy efficiency. For example, studies show that solar efficiency can increase by up to 30% when panels are cleaned regularly! 

Another critical benefit is safeguarding your warranty. You will find that with most solar panel manufacturers, one of the warranty conditions is regular cleaning. If anything goes wrong with your solar panels, and you can’t provide evidence of regular cleaning, your warranty may become worthless! Therefore, solar panel cleaning is vital to ensuring that you are still covered by your warranty when you need it.


How often must solar panels be cleaned?

If you want to keep your solar panels performing to their maximum potential, it is recommended that you get them cleaned every six months. 

However, various factors such as local climate or current weather conditions could mean that your panels need cleaning more often.

For example, for those living in drier climates, such as Australia, a lot of dust can accumulate on your solar panels. Or if you live in a forested area with many trees, harmful debris such as dirt, branches, leaves, and bird droppings are far more likely to fall on your solar panels. These articles can block sunlight or even cause damage to the panels themselves. 

Therefore, it might be advisable to have your panels cleaned more frequently, either 2 or 3 times per year. This regular cleaning will ensure that your solar system stays clean, clear and continues to work at maximum efficiency.

It is always a good idea to book your solar panel cleaning at the end of a season, as dirt, dust, and other residues can build up over the months.


Is it OK to pressure wash solar panels?

Many have thought about pressure washing them as a fast and cost-effective solution when considering cleaning their solar panels. 

However, while using a pressure washer is an ideal option for your patio or home exterior, it is a method that should NEVER be used on your solar panels! The high-pressure flow of water can damage your panels, significantly reducing their efficiency. 

Additionally, you should never use harsh bristle brushes or strong chemical cleaning products on solar panels, as these can also scratch and damage them. 


Should I try to clean my solar panels myself?

It is not advisable to attempt cleaning your own solar panels! As mentioned above, using improper cleaning equipment, such as pressure-washers or harsh chemicals, can cause serious damage to your panels, reducing their efficiency. Worse still, using incorrect cleaning methods can stop your solar panels from working altogether and void your warranty!

Another essential aspect to consider is safety. Most solar panels are located on the roof or other hard-to-reach locations. The height of these panels can make it very difficult for homeowners to access and clean. This job can be highly hazardous without adequate safety equipment, leading to possible falls or injuries.

When professional solar panel cleaning is undertaken, we use the proper safety equipment to ensure the protection of both the person cleaning the panels and the solar panels themselves.

If you want to be confident that your solar panels will not be damaged during the cleaning process, using our Brisbane Solar Panel Cleaning Service is an excellent choice! We use the correct equipment and safest methods to ensure that you are left with sparkling clean panels without any damage. 

We have been working at height for over 18 years, so we are incredibly knowledgeable when it comes to safety. For each job, we always set up our height safety equipment in compliance with current legislation.

You don’t need to worry about handling this difficult and potentially hazardous task yourself when you hire our cleaning services! Our team are fully insured and well trained in working at height so that we can carry out the job for you safely and securely. 

How much does it cost to clean solar panels?

There are many factors involved in pricing up a solar panel cleaning job. These include the size of the panels and how many you have. The location and height of your roof can also determine how much it will cost to have your panels cleaned.

On average, a 2kW solar panel system with ten panels will cost around $150-$300. The price could be a little higher for higher kW systems, ranging between $300-400. 

As discussed previously, these solar panels are an investment, so it is highly advantageous to spend a little on their maintenance so that your solar panel system runs at total efficiency, helping you SAVE money in the long run!

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Professional Solar Panel Cleaning Brisbane

If you are wondering, ‘Where can I find safe and efficient solar panel cleaning near me?’ then look no further! 

Our solar panel cleaning services are both professional and affordable. In addition, we have over 18 years of experience in the cleaning industry, so you can be sure that your solar panels are in the safest of hands.

We service all areas of Brisbane, including; Tarragindi, Bardon, Ferny Hills, Stafford Heights, Holland Park, The Gap, Chelmer, Brisbane City, West End, Ascot, Fortitude Valley, Balmoral and Hamilton.

Our solar panel cleaning ensures that your solar panel system continues to produce maximum energy, saving you money and powering your home efficiently. 

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