This page is dedicated to all the questions we commonly get regarding gutter cleaning and solar panel cleaning. We will update this page regularly, so watch this space.

Is gutter cleaning important?

Although that might seem like a simple question, there are quite a few factors to consider. So, to know the answer, keep reading the FAQ article Is gutter cleaning important?

How do professionals clean gutters?

Safety is foremost when cleaning gutters. Firstly, set up your height safety equipment for safe access to all gutters in compliance with current legislation. (If you do not have safety equipment, it might be best to contact a professional gutter cleaning service). Strong workman/gardening gloves are recommended. Next, thoroughly clean any loose leaves and sticks off the roof. Then, scoop out the debris from the valleys, gutters and downpipes and bag it. Finally, you can run water through a hosepipe into the gutters to check the gutters and downpipes are clear and working properly.

Can I put a ladder against the gutter?

You can lean ladders on the gutter - provided the gutter is metal, and strapped to, and not subject to heavy rust; otherwise, it will collapse. Plastic gutters or sagging gutters that are showing signs of coming away due to loose brackets, etc., are not safe to lean on.

Can I clean my own gutters?

Yes, you can clean your own gutters. The main thing to be concerned about is falling from heights. 122 workers were killed in Australia following a fall from heights between 2015 and 2019. Half of the 29 people who die each year from work-related falls involved distances of three metres or less. This is a sobering statistic and should not be taken lightly. To save a few dollars, it is wise to hire a professional Brisbane gutter cleaning service. They not only have the experience of working at heights but also have the necessary safety equipment.

Do I really need to keep my downpipe spreaders clean?

The answer, of course, is yes! But we go into more detail here: The Crucial Role of Cleaning Downpipe Spreaders for Sub-Roof Protection in Brisbane.

How often should I get my gutter cleaned?

This question is a little more complicated to reply to with a short paragraph. So, we've added a complete answer here: "How often should you clean your gutters in Brisbane?"

Do You Offer Window Cleaning Services?

Currently, we do not offer window cleaning services. But if you're looking for a professional window cleaner in Brisbane, we recommend 'Always Nice & Clear'; They have been cleaning windows since 2017 and are Brisbane's best window cleaners. You can contact Sam & Lauren via their website or call them on 0433 154 615.